Gooseneck Trailers

Gooseneck trailers are made specially to hook to a ball in the center of a pickup truck bed. There are two significant advantages to this type of hitch:

  1. The truck can carry much more weight with the load centered over the truck axle than it can with the load attached to the back of the truck.
  2. A gooseneck hitch provides more stability and safety due to the weight of the hitch being carried from the middle of the truck bed, which produces increased safety and stability.

Standard Features

Standard sizes range 8x16+5 to 8x25+5
2 brake Rockwell axles
rub rail with state pockets
tool box
2-10k jacks
Self cleaning dovetail
break away kit
DOT tape
Turn signals on sides
10 ply radials

Optional Featres

3.5K 5.2K, 6K, 7K Brake
5, 6, 8 Lug Spare Tire Mount
205/75/R15, 225/75/R15 Radial Tires
Swingup Jack with Foot, Swingup Jack with wheel
7K Drop Leg Jack, 12K Jack, Recessed Jack
Head Raised D-Rings, Raised D-Rings, Medium D-Rings, Small D-Rings, Recessed D-Rings
2 Inch BulldogCoupler, 25/16 Bulldog Coupler
Marker Lights
LED Light Pack
Bar Up Ramps
Rubber Mounted Lights, Rubber Mounted LED Lights

Optional Features

Ramps & Holders
Split Gate S/A
Open Mesh Basket on Tongue
Weedeater Basket 2’x2’x8” With Two Legs
Weedeater Rack (holds three)
Back Pack Blower Rack
3 inch Crossmembers
5-foot, 6-foot, 7-foot, Split, HD, Tube, Handles On Gate
Pull Bar
Gorilla Lift