Equipment Trailers

Equipment Trailers is a general category of trailers intended to haul equipment or other heavy-duty tasks. ours are designed to handle the load you place on them with features, such as 52K Rockwell axles and 7K jacks.

Standard Features

52k Rockwell axles
1 standard brake
wood flooring or solid steel flooring
Two 5/16 couplers
cross members
checker plate fenders
state pockets
stand up ramps
7k jacks
break away kit

Optional Featres

3.5K 5.2K, 6K, 7K Brake
5, 6, 8 Lug Spare Tire Mount
205/75/R15, 225/75/R15 Radial Tires
Swingup Jack with Foot, Swingup Jack with wheel
7K Drop Leg Jack, 12K Jack, Recessed Jack
Head Raised D-Rings, Raised D-Rings, Medium D-Rings, Small D-Rings, Recessed D-Rings
2 Inch BulldogCoupler, 25/16 Bulldog Coupler
Marker Lights
LED Light Pack
Bar Up Ramps
Rubber Mounted Lights, Rubber Mounted LED Lights

Optional Features

Ramps & Holders
Split Gate S/A
Open Mesh Basket on Tongue
Weedeater Basket 2’x2’x8” With Two Legs
Weedeater Rack (holds three)
Back Pack Blower Rack
3 inch Crossmembers
5-foot, 6-foot, 7-foot, Split, HD, Tube, Handles On Gate
Pull Bar
Gorilla Lift